Jari Kämäräinen

Specialist in Bioeconomy

My business is based on networking with companies, universities and research institutes in the field of bioeconomy, aquaculture and forestry.

Do you need help to start a bioeconomy project in Finland? Need an agent? Experienced Finnish bioeconomy specialist looking for new opportunities!



University of Turku

               • researcher; biofuels and renewable materials

University of Kuopio and Savonia institute

               • electronic nose

               • lake restoration

               • new food products


Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) 

               • laboratory design and operation

               • design and automation of research device

Metsähallitus (administered by ministries)

               • cultural landscaping

               • protection of endangered species

               • biomass recovery


Doctor of Philosophy - PhD

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

University of Turku

There is an undeniable need for developing new strategies for generating energy, biofuels and renewable materials which would not compromise food production or other critical aspects of human well‐being, while promoting the efficient use of local resources and infrastructure.


Photosynthetic cyanobacteria as future biotechnological hosts

Photobioreactor in action with cyanobact
Stress test with ethanol
Eight cyanobacterial mutants
Cyanobacteria, TEM
Laboratory at the University of Turku
Biomass recovery in the Finnish archipel
Controlled land burning
Stump chipping
Chipped stump
Rescue of the sunken ship
Rescue of the sunken ship
Harbor construction project in Estonia
Harbor construction project in Estonia
Harbor construction project in Estonia

Jari Kämäräinen

Salo, Finland

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For the future, it is important that big international players like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are investing in combating climate change, and by their example also encourage other industrial players to act.